The World Wide Panorama

This is an online panoramic photography project collecting panoramas from all over the world, usually 4 times a year (around the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxs). For each event a theme is announced and then it is up to you to interpret it how you want. I have taken part in this project since it's beginning in March 2004 and over the years seen many fantastic panoramas from all over the world.

360 Cities

This is another online collection of panoramas from all over the world, but this time you can shoot where ever you like and if it's considered interesting enough it will be added. Another good thing with this site is that the panoramas listed on here are included in one of the Google Earth default layers, if you've already seen one of those little red squares, well thats a 360 Cities panorama.

IVRPA (Internation VR Photography Association)

This is an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images. The members include professional photographers, multimedia and web developers, artists, enthusiasts, students, and companies and individuals.

Robert Bilsland Panoramic Photography

This is my Facebook artists page where you'll find more of what I create. This will probabily be updated more frequently than this website, so if your interested in keeping up with what I'm doing click the like button at the bottom of this page.

Nodal Ninja

This is the company that produced my fantastic panoramic head that I now shoot all my panoramas with. The model that I own, the Nodal Ninja 5, has now been discontinued, but it has been replaced with an even better and more flexible panoramic head.

Red Door VR Ltd

This is the UK distributors for Nodal Ninja, if your looking to buy some VR equipment in the UK check them out. I've always had great service from them

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